Pharaoh Puzzle  v.

Pharaoh Puzzle a game where you need to match groups of gems to clear them up. You must discover treasures and artifacts as you match together relics from Ancient Egypt. Blue cells will disappear when you make a match over them.

Hide& Secret 3: Pharaoh's Quest

Help reunite two ancient royal lovers by returning their stolen treasures to their tombs! Travel all over the world to track down and find these priceless artifacts in this expansive Hidden Object game. Use your wits to collect different pieces of the


Fate of the Pharaoh Lite  v.1.5.2002

Build your glorious Egyptian towns and expand your realm in glory and prosper!

MostFun Mosaic: Tomb of Mystery - Unlmtd

Unlock the mystery that surrounds King Tuts death as you try to determine the motivating factors behind the demise of the life of Egypts most promising Pharaoh. Piece together Egyptian Hieroglyphs as you work your way up through Egyptian society,

Khufu's Tomb

Solve this Egyptian puzzle to uncover the secrets of Pharaoh Khufu.

World Mosaics  v.4

World Mosaics 4 The Atlantis World Museum has risen from the depths of the ocean. However, all the exhibits have been completely destroyed! Travel back in time and solve pictographic Puzzles to restore the lost artifacts. Journey from the Pharaoh's

Pokie Magic Pyramid Pays 2 Slots  v.1.0

When the moon sets over the famous pyramids, the Pharaoh returns with his biggest ever wins!

Pyramid Solitaire Ancient Egypt  v.1.0

In this free Pyramid Solitaire game you must help the Pharaoh build his illustrious pyramids by removing all the cards dealt at the start.

Egypt The Prophecy Part 1  v.1.0

Discover Ancient Egypt and follow Maia, a young sorceress sent by the Pharaoh himself to investigate the strange incidents that have recently been plaguing the building site of the Great Obelisk.

Hexus Free  v.1.0

Become a powerful Pharaoh and construct a town in ancient Egypt!

Multiplayer Senet  v.1.4.0

Start your time travel and discover the mysteries of ancient Egypt in this 2-player game which dates to 3100 BC!

Antic Time Lite  v.1.0

3D non-stop-fun-action of thrilling adventures jet packing around, blasting ghost and squashing eggs in search of treasure.

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